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Property4East was founded in 2014 by Ignace Meuwissen. In 2018 Meuwissen signed a partnership with Ukraine-based, British businessman Mohammad Zahoor.


For many years, it has proven to be a very successful platform for selling luxury real estate. Unfortunately, the Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2022 has made us decide to end the activities of Property4East. We are praying for the people of Ukraine.


The new lounge will be announced at a later date. For questions, please contact us using the contact form



Whisper Auctions

We are happy to announce the recent lounge of Whisper Auctions. The new destination for international investors. Buy and sell the world's most exclusive luxury real estate, including off-market, in the most confidential way.


About was a platform for international luxury real estate with starting prices from €1.000.000. The platform aimed to serve the real estate needs of the ultra-high net worth (UHNWI) population of Eastern Europe, Central and East Asia. Advertising on was available to both owners as well as high-end real estate brokers of luxury homes.



The creator of Property4east is Ignace Meuwissen, renowned as an influential advisor for wealthy clientele and holder of record real estate sales. His associate Mohammad Zahoor is an industrial-turned-media mogul, who built up an impressive and diversified portfolio of assets.


Through this cooperation, they shared their passion for exclusive and exceptional real estate.


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Owners of Property4east, Meuwissen and Mohammad Zahoor
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