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Advertise is a platform for international luxury real estate with starting prices from €1.000.000. The platform aims to serve the real estate needs of the ultra-high net worth (UHNWI) population of 50,595 contacts* with a total wealth of €27 trillion in Russia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and its neighbouring countries.

*Official figures on ultra-high net worth (UHNWI) populations

for whom

The platform can be used by owners as well as high-end brokers of luxury homes.

media channels

Property4East reaches its clientele through the online platform and close collaborations with major media channels such as Forbes, Bloomberg, Vogue, and Tatler.

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Logos magazines


The company’s proprietary bi-annual magazine is printed and distributed to luxury real estate brokers in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, China, and its neighboring countries. The magazine is printed in English as well as in Russian and Chinese.


Publication of a luxury home comes with the following benefits:

  1. An extensive description of the property including text, pictures, and video on

  2. A complimentary 2 full-pages advert in the bi-annual proprietary magazine

  3. Help desk services providing text editing and translations into Russian and Chinese

  4. A special program for discreet listings


Private Sales Marketing Program for homes from €10 M

As a specialist with a proven track-record, Property4East fully understands that some extraordinary homes require a private sales marketing program to identify potential buyers. The program, personally designed by the founders Ignace Meuwissen and Mohammad Zahoor, is based on a unique business model, with outreach to an exclusive worldwide network, specialized in East Europe targeting the most discerning (UHNWI) buyers. The program is available to owners and brokers.


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